Silica Sand has many uses including being used as glass foundry sand, abrasives, fillers hydraulic fracturing sand. Silica sand is also used for removing iron, manganese, chromium, calcium aluminum impurities. With summer time coming upon us, the construction industry is uses quite a bit and depends on silica for certain applications including silica and aerated concrete blocks, floor and roof tiles, flooring and rendering compounds, white line markings, roofing felt and cement and resin injection systems to name a few.

The quality of these products and many more starts at the quarry. Bolinder Resources produces some of the finest quality of silica sand anywhere in the world that can be used for the products named above. As a silica sand provider to Salt Lake City for over 3 generations Bolinder Resources brings the knowledge necessary in order to not only fulfill the job you’re looking to get done, but keep the promised deadline to meet your needs.

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