Bolinder Resources brings decades of experience to any custom crushing project. Our finished products include high metal ores/slags, fine aggregates, coarse aggregates,  spec road base and highly abrasive quartzite. We specialize in the complete process, from consulting, sample collection and material testing to extraction, crushing and stockpiling of finished products. Our reputation of safety and quality has been earned over years of meeting our customer’s specifications safely and on time. No job is too big or too small.

Custom Crushing

     Focusing on mining and other industrial applicatons we can fulfill your unique requirements. We have mobile plants with trained, experienced operators ready to be transported and ready to run in a timely manner. Our consulting services and personnel are ready to help resolve issues you may have with a current plant or project. Utilizing our skilled team of tradesmen we can facilitate repairs,  equipment setup and operation of your plant as well as provide valuable training to your current or future staff. 

Construction and Highway contractors have long counted on Bolinder Resources for our large fleet of modern equipment, experienced operators and specialized equipment. When you visit our job site you’ll find a team committed to delivering a quality product.

Safety is our number 1 concern, we have grown a safety culture within our team that aims to prevent accidents and injuries. With a full time safety coordinator and in house MSHA training,  we strive to be among the best in the industry.